Lose Weight Fast with These Tips That Won’t Tip the Scale

Lose Weight Fast with These Tips That Won’t Tip the Scale hover background

Dec 22

You cannot spell diet without die. And that’s felt often when trying to lose weight. But there are ways to take the die out of diet. It is easy and you will see results. It is a lot simpler than you may think.  We’ve rounded up some of the most effective ways you can lose weight fast.

Drink Up

  • H20. Dihydrogen monoxide. Whatever you want to call it, you need to be drinking more of it. To speed up weight loss, drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. Your body stores fat and water is the key to effectively metabolize that fat.
  • Green tea is full of antioxidants, also known as superfoods. They are super because they help us stay healthy, and healthy people lose weight fast. If you drink green tea before bed you will burn up to 70 calories while you sleep. You don’t even need to do anything, and green tea has zero calories. So you’re burning and not in taking.
  • Liquid calories are killer. Avoid alcohol, soda, juice, and creamy coffee. Having one glass of these a day adds 800 empty calories to your diet a day. Stick with water. It’s the miracle drink.


  • Lift weights. The more muscle you gain, the more likely that you will lose weight fast. You will slim down while burning calories. If you feel like you are too busy to hit the gym, bring a small weight set to work and do bicep curls while you’re on the phone or during your lunch break. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference.
  • You need at least 20 minutes of exercise a day to lose weight fast. This could be a cardio machine at the gym or a brisk walk with your dog. One might be more intense than the other but as long as your constantly moving then you are burning calories. And burnt calories means you are ridding yourself of unwanted pounds.


  • Cut your current portion size in half. Don’t think because you worked out and the machine said you burned 700 calories that you can overindulge at your next meal. If you are burning more than you are eating you will see results quicker.
  • Do not skip a meal. Your body will think food is in short supply causing your metabolism to slow down. Slow metabolism=unhealthy person. If you cannot sit down for a meal, always have an emergency energy or meal replacement bar on you. It will be a lifesaver so you don’t go hungry.
  • Spice it up! Capsaicin, found in jalapenos and cayenne peppers, releases adrenaline in your body which speeds up your metabolism. This gives your body more ability to burn calories. Hot peppers also reduce your appetite and curb cravings. So add these to stir fry or a low calories salsa.


  • The importance of sleep while trying to lose weight fast cannot be stressed enough. You will slow your metabolism if you do not get those full eight hours. If you want to see those results, then get that shut-eye you need.

Don’t get discouraged when you diet and exercise and don’t seem immediate results—try these methods to try to lose weight fast and see those results you’ve been dieting to see.

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