Pokémon Go Gets Kids More Active in Physical Therapy!

Pokémon Go Gets Kids More Active in Physical Therapy! hover background

Sep 29

You’ve more than likely heard of Pokémon GO by now.  It’s seemingly taken over the United States and even the world.  But this mobile game isn’t just for fun or pure nostalgia for 90’s kids everywhere, it is actually helping kids and adults alike get active and get outside.

Even more powerful than that in our perspective is the Michigan Hospital story, where Pokémon GO has encouraged children to do physical therapy.  

The Huffington Post shares this great story about how they’re using Pokémon GO  to make the hospital less scary and to get kids moving and to be more active participants in their physical therapy.  Read it here!

Patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital have also been encouraged to get up and move around more thanks to the game.  Read here how Pokémon has helped patient Noah’s physical therapy.  


Are you embracing Pokemon GO with your kids?  If not, what creative ways do you keep your kids active and motivated?  

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