3 Crucial Tips to Preventing Golf Injuries

3 Crucial Tips to Preventing Golf Injuries hover background

Jun 23

For many, golf and Arizona go hand-in-hand.  People travel from all over the country to play on some of the best courses nationwide – no matter how hot it is outside.  Golf is one of America’s all-time favorite sports activities enjoyed by everyone—from men, women, children, athletes and retirees. Golf can be played year-round at beautiful courses located all over Arizona.

If you’ve been injured on the golf course or want to improve your golf swing, schedule an appointment with Above & Beyond Physical Therapy today!

Even though golf is technically classified as a low-risk and low-impact sport, it does not mean that golf injuries never occur.  When you perform the same activities repeatedly, such as swinging a golf club for hours on end, you can put lots of wear and tear on certain parts of your body.

Golfers are typically prone to golf injuries that include back pain, sprains and strains to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the upper body, and injuries to the shoulder and elbow joints.  

Here’s how to prevent golf injuries to keep you playing all summer long.

Play it Safe With These 3 Tips to Prevent Golf Injuries

Always Warm Up

According to AOSSM, around 80% of golfers will spend less than ten minutes warming up before the play.  Warming up is one of the most important and simplest ways to lower your risk of golf injuries.  Stretch everything from your feet to your neck to increase your range of motion and get your muscles warmed up.  

Perfect Your Swing

When you swing a golf club, you use your entire body.  When this movement is repeated over and over, there is stress put on the same tendons, muscles and joints which over time could result in injury.  Practicing and understanding proper mechanics can help to prevent golf injuries:

    • Practice Proper Posture.  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.  Keep your spine straight and allow most of the movement to come from your hips.  Do not hunch your shoulders and back over the ball—this could cause neck and back pain.  
    • Swing Smooth.  When you swing, the power comes from the force that is transferred smoothly through all muscle groups.  Don’t rely on one part of your body for your hitting power since you may be prone to golf injuries.  
    • Don’t Overswing.  You can put some serious stress on your joints if you swing the golf club too fast or too hard.  Take a breath, relax and take a nice, easy swing at the ball.  

Strengthen Your Muscles & Get Flexible

We’re not talking about becoming a bodybuilder, but the stronger your muscles are, the greater your swing, range of motion and endurance on the course to keep golf injuries at bay.  Stronger muscles are less prone to injury.  Also, stretching regularly will help prevent injury and improve your fluidity.  

Now you have some tools to hit the course with confidence.  If you have suffered from a painful golf swing or desire a more powerful drive, make an appointment with Above & Beyond Physical Therapy for tips and exercises to improve your strength and flexibility to see results in your golf game and health.  

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