Stay Fit this Summer with these 7 Tips

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Aug 05

Stay Fit this Summer with these 7 Tips

Summer is here and with it comes lots of opportunities to slack off and enjoy.  Summer weight gain is common among both adults and children.  Spending hot summer months inside a cool, air-conditioned house only moving from the couch to the fridge is a sure-fire way to gain weight.  And those well-deserved vacations can bring lots of temptations in the form of fruity drinks and salty, sugary foods.

Here are 7 easy ways to avoid some summer pitfalls so you can stay healthy and fit:

Start with the Most Important Meal of the Day

Don’t skip breakfast.  Your body is at risk for heat exhaustion, dehydration and fatigue if you don’t give it the proper nutrition it needs first thing in the morning.  Try a breakfast high in protein with a side of fresh fruit to jump-start your metabolism.

Don’t Eat When you’re Thirsty

Did you know that it is easy to mistake thirst for hunger? Always ask yourself first if you are really hungry or what you really need is a drink of water!

Plan out Meals

Maintaining a healthy menu and eating schedule over the summer is key to controlling your weight.  Schedule a time during your week to plan, shop and prepare healthy foods.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Make water your best friend this summer.  You can still enjoy the occasional fruity cocktail, but drink more water if you will be outside for more than a few hours.  A good rule of thumb is that every hour you are out in the sun, drink at least 1-2 glasses of water.  Staying hydrated will replenish your energy levels and prevent dehydration while you soak up the sun’s rays.

Party Time Pointers

Summer is full of graduations, weddings, BBQs and pool parties which tend to bring an unlimited amount of fatty and sugary foods and drinks.  Avoid overindulging by drinking a glass of water or having a healthy snack prior to the party.  Don’t overload your plate and avoid going back for seconds and thirds.  Instead of the traditional burgers and brats, try some grilled chicken or fish right off the grill.  These options are full of protein and will leave you feeling full longer.

Pack Light

You may not think of luggage causing an injury, but it can be common.  It’s important to travel light to prevent injuries such as strains, tears and pulls.

Keep Moving

It’s easy to let your daily exercise routine fall by the wayside during the summer.  Staying committed and active with regular exercise will help ward off extra pounds and keep you fit and strong.  Summer brings with it a wide variety of outdoor activities you can try like swimming, golf, tennis and hiking.  If you’re lucky enough to spend time at the beach this summer, try going for a run on the beach or paddle boarding to get your workout in.  You can even do lots of these activities with friends and family to keep you company and motivated!

Don’t let your health go on vacation this summer.  Above & Beyond is here to help you maintain an active lifestyle to restore energy and improve physical function and mobility.  If pain or injury has got you down, give us a call and set up an appointment today!

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