3 Holiday Health Tips to Get You Through The Season

3 Holiday Health Tips to Get You Through The Season hover background

Nov 19

It’s almost that time again to carve the turkey, mash the potatoes, and stuff our faces. Holiday food is just too good to turn down. But staying healthy over the holidays is just as important as saying thanks on Thanksgiving. If you’re feeling that post-Thanksgiving feast bloat, then try these holiday health tips to get that body back to its pre-feast size.

3 Holiday Health Tips



Don’t skip the gym

If you have the tendency to really indulge during the holidays, you’re going to want to balance it with frequent trips to the gym. If you’re too busy to make it there then home workouts work just as well. Do 10 squats or calf raises or bicep curls for every minute the turkey is in the oven.

Drink more water

Its cold out and a hot drink may seem more appealing than a glass of ice water. Hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, hot cider, are all very tasty but have more sugar and calories than a typical meal should. Also, try to limit your alcohol intake—the holiday season is a merry one and drinking can be a fun way to celebrate, but they are all empty calories. Be responsible and everything in moderation. Instead, try drinking a few glasses of water before meals and you may eat less without even trying.

Sleep soundly

One of the best holiday health tips you can receive is to get enough sleep. You’re body needs it to recharge and rejuvenate. Studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to be heavier than those who do. So, don’t stay up worrying about the turkey because you’re brain does not function as well without sleep.

If you find yourself indulging in all that yummy holiday food and are constantly full, check out these tips to stop overeating. The less full you are the happier and healthier you will be!


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