4 Common Football Injuries & How PT Helps

4 Common Football Injuries & How PT Helps hover background

Oct 27

We can all breath a sign of relief—football is back!  As with all sports, football comes with the risk of injury.  In fact, football has the highest risk of injury compared to other sports.  This is because football is a high-impact sport.  Blocking and tackling alone between players could result in concussions, contusions and other common football injuries.  Football players are at an elevated risk for injury because they’re frequently changing direction and pivoting which can increase the likelihood of injuries to the joints and other tissues.  Poor training methods, inadequate warm-up and lack of conditioning are also some of the more common culprits of football injuries.

Common football injuries have sidelined many athletes for games, seasons, and worse, careers.  Here are just a few injuries that can happen during a football game or practice.    

Common Football Injuries & How Physical Therapy Gets You Back in the Game

ACL Injuries –

if a football player is impacted from the rear or the front, the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in the knee can become damaged or torn.  

Torn meniscus –

if a football player rotates their body while keeping a foot planted on the ground, the knee can twist causing the meniscus to tear.


Concussions –

 a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when there is great force to the head.  A concussion is a very serious injury and medical treatment should be sought immediately if anyone is suspected of having a concussion.  

Overuse Injuries –

overuse injuries are often caused due to the combination of high speeds and full contact.  They can develop gradually over time due to repetitive stress on tendons, muscles, bones or joints.  If an athletic activity is repeated so often that certain areas of the body don’t have enough time to heal between playing, overuse injuries tend to happen more.  

Physical therapy can be used as a main form of treatment for common football injuries that aren’t severe enough to require surgery at all.  Physical therapy can also be utilized after surgery in order to help football players recover smoothly and effectively after procedures.  Physical Therapy is a nonsurgical method of treatment that will focus on strengthening muscles and improving flexibility in order to help common football injuries heal.  These exercises, stretches and other treatments will help athletes to regain full range of motion and build up muscles that have been affected by injuries.  


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