5 Dynamic Stretches to Warm-Up for Any Workout

5 Dynamic Stretches to Warm-Up for Any Workout hover background

Nov 06

Exercising is an important part of leading a healthy life. But as important as it is to work out, it’s also important to stretch before and after exercising. Stretching provides your body with a variety of benefits. It can improve your flexibility, decrease your risk of injuries, and help your muscles work most effectively by increasing the blood flow to your muscles.

It’s important to stretch before every workout because it warms your body up and gets the blood flowing. The best kind of warm-up to do before any workout is dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is warming up “in motion”. Instead of sitting on the ground and reaching for your toes, you’ll be doing more active movements. Dynamic stretching is ideal because it really activates your muscles and improves your range of motion.

Next time you’re heading to the gym, take a few minutes to do some warm-up stretches before starting your workout.

Try these 5 great dynamic stretches:

Lunge and Twist

For this warm-up you’ll be doing forward lunges, and twisting your torso. Take a step forward and lunge, keeping your knee in line with your toe. Be careful to not lunge too far so that your knee is in front of your toe. While in the lunging position, twist your torso left and right, and then step back up. This is a great warm-up stretch because the lunge stretches your hips, legs, and glutes, and the twist activates your back and core.

Knee to Chest

This stretch is all in the name. Bring your knee as close to your chest as possible while holding your shin. Alternate legs while stationary or walking forward. This warm-up stretch will get the blood flowing in your legs. If you maintain good posture during this stretch and activate your core muscles, you can warm up your core too!

Sideways Lunges

To do sideways lunges you’ll take a big step to the side and sit into your hip. This is a great warm-up for your glutes and hip flexors.

Leg Kicks

While standing in place kick one leg directly in front of you while stretching the opposite arm forward to meet your foot. Alternate legs 10 times. This is a great warm-up stretch for your hamstrings and can also warm-up your core.

Arm Circles

Can’t forget about the arms! Arm circles are a great way to warm up your shoulders. Move your arms in a circular motion making sure to do some going forward and backward.

Make sure to include these 5 stretches in your warm-up routine! They will really improve your performance during your workout.

If your legs are sore after working out it could be because you didn’t stretch properly before exercising.

Whether you sustained an injury while working out, or aren’t sure your warm-up is adequate for your workout we can help you! Schedule an appointment with Above & Beyond Physical Therapy today!


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