5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

5 Jedi Mind Tricks to Help You Lose Weight hover background

Jun 05

Here’s a scary fact: today, approximately 110 million Americans are obese. That’s 35 percent of the population!  Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it’s easier said than done. Is your mindset keeping you from losing those extra pounds?  If you have defeated the scale, you can attest that success is usually mind over matter.  If you are looking to get fit, try these mental strategies or ‘jedi mind tricks’ to help you trick yourself into slimming down and think yourself thin!

Put your fork down

When you physically put your fork down between bites, it will slow you down. It takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to send a signal to the brain that you’re full. This means you’re more likely to overeat if you inhale your food quickly. The next time you eat, try putting your fork down between each bite, and slow down to avoid overeating.

Set goals. Small ones.

Make a list of small goals to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Setting these mini-goals will improve your lifestyle without turning it upside-down. Some mini-goal examples:

  • Do some kind of physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day
  • Order a side salad with light dressing instead of French fries
  • Limit alcohol consumption to only weekends

Change is hard, so start small and gradually make lifestyle improvements. It takes up to 66 days for a habit to stick – be patient and you’ll get there!

Write it down

Keep a ‘food journal’ and record what you eat and how you feel before and after a workout. A journal will help to hold you accountable and bring to light problem areas or unhealthy patterns in your diet and exercise plans.

Practice mindful eating

Mindful eating is when you pay attention to your body’s internal signals. How hungry am I? Am I full? Ask yourself these questions, slow down and pay attention to the actual act of eating.

Find healthy alternatives

If you’re craving junk food, find a healthy alternative that shares some of the same qualities of that food. If you’re craving the crunch and salt of potato chips, make a batch of crispy kale chips with sea salt. If your mouth is watering for some ice cream, whip up a fruit and protein smoothie bowl instead. In time, your brain and taste buds will adjust and learn to love these healthier options. Even better, be prepared with these healthy options ahead of time, so you can quickly and easily reach for them – and not be tempted by the not-so-healthy alternatives.

You have the ability to think yourself thin. Shed pounds with these simple tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle!

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