6 Effective Solutions to Treating the Pediatric Patient

6 Effective Solutions to Treating the Pediatric Patient hover background

Feb 26


The work you do with your patients can help to shape their entire lives. When treating the pediatric patient, you will need to use a much different approach than with adults. You need to be part therapist, part teacher and part counselor at times. Pediatric patients have different needs and levels of understanding. Working with pediatric patients can be a challenge, but also very rewarding.

Here are 6 effective solutions to treating pediatric patients. 

Stay Current

Stay on top of trending toys, video games or TV shows that kids are interested in. It helps when making conversation with kids and forms a playful bond. Kids love to talk about toys and games they enjoy.

Handle with Care

You may need to handle unexpected temper tantrums or difficult parents. Revising treatment plans to find the best one that works and learning to be strong and keep your emotions under control will prove effective when treating a pediatric patient.

Age is Important

Children will have different needs at different ages. Keep the age of the pediatric patient in mind when you explain things like procedures and treatment.

Be Creative

What works for one child may not work for another. Use creativity to help you develop treatment plans and communication strategies that will keep your patient’s short attention span. Improvising and thinking outside of the box will help fit each child’s unique needs.

Be Supportive

Your pediatric patient may become frustrated or upset with their condition or treatment. Try to be as supportive and encouraging as possible.  Take a gentle approach to help them trust you—find that healthy balance between friend and therapist.

Don’t Forget the Parents

It is important to understand that you will need to work with the parents of your patients. You will have to communicate with the parents and gain their trust as well. Always take time to fully understand your patients’ and their parents’ unique situation. Communicate clearly and effectively. Take the time to answer their questions and provide any needed information so that they may carry out our recommendations at home as well.


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