ACL Tear Symptoms to Look Out For

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Jul 10

ACL Tear Symptoms

The ACL is one of the major ligaments that connect your thigh bone to your shin bone.  The cause of an ACL tear may include:

  • Stretching the knee farther than you should
  • Jumping and landing on a straightened knee
  • Stopping suddenly when running
  • Twisting your knee while keeping your foot planted firmly on the ground
  • Suddenly shifting your weight from leg to the other

ACL Tear Symptoms

Have you torn your ACL?  Below are the most common ACL tear symptoms:

  • Swelling—swelling occurs due to damage to the blood vessels inside the knee and usually worsens hours after the injury occurs
  • Pain—you may feel a sharp, intense pain if you have torn your ACL.  Pain is immediate and may be extremely painful if you put any weight on the leg or try to bend your knee.  Pain is generally found on the outside or back of the knee
  • Restricted mobility in the knee
  • Instability—the knee may feel unstable and that it may give way. You may not be able to walk on your injured leg because you can’t support your weight through your knee joint
  • You may hear a loud “pop” sound inside your knee at the moment of the injury
  • Bruising around the knee

What to do after an ACL Tear?

If you have torn your ACL, the physical therapists at Above and Beyond can teach you exercises to help restore your normal knee motion, stability and strength, and allow a gradual return to daily activities that are important for your full recovery.

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