Best Tips For a Good Night Sleep

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Sep 12

If you regularly have trouble sleeping, then you are probably looking for tips for a good night sleep. If counting sheep is not doing the trick, then try these ideas to help you catch some rest at night.

Keep your bedroom dark at night

Avoid putting bright lights in your bedroom. But if you love to read before going to bed, make sure to use a soft reading light. Bright lights will only disrupt the circadian rhythm of your body.

Set a routine

Your body has a very good internal clock in it. This internal clock is better known as your circadian rhythm. If you have irregular sleeping patterns, you will knock this out of sync. Go to bed at the same time every night, and that means when you go to bed, it is to sleep straight away, not staying up to watch TV.

Listen to soft music

Try some instrumental music before going to bed and make sure not to put the volume up loud.

Eliminate all electrical appliances in your bedroom

Consider turning off your clock, mobile phone, television, radio and any other appliances you may have in your bedroom. The electric wave coming from these appliances can affect your internal clock. According to the National Sleep Foundation, these appliances can cause sleep loss by interfering with the release of melatonin — the hormone which helps you sleep.

More Tips For A Good Night Sleep

Get into a comfortable position

Make sure that your head and neck are both in the right position on your pillow. You should also wear clothing that helps keep you comfortable enough to sleep.

Use aromatherapy oil such as lavender

Lavender has an active component that can help mind and body to relax and it also can induce sleep. Try lavender pillow sprays, essential oils or essential oil added to a room diffuser. These are all sleep-friendly additions to your nighttime routine.

Following and implementing any or all of the above simple and clear tips for a good night sleep can help in reducing sleep imbalances. A good night sleep is one key to health.

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