Degenerative Disc Disease and Physical Therapy

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Feb 01

Degenerative disc disease and physical therapy go hand in hand. Degenerative disc disease happens when a person starts losing the gelatin between the spine vertebrae, which results in bones rubbing against each other. Some patients feel strong pain around the shoulder area, while others may experience weakness, numbness or tingling of the lower back and legs. 

Although the degeneration happens in all of us, the pain determining factor is also the lifestyle; so your healthcare provider will ask you questions, such as: 

Are you a smoker?

Do you exercise?

Are you exposed to heavy physical work? 

You might also be asked to do a muscle strength test, fill out a body diagram, or go through a posture examination. For more serious conditions, therapists recommend X-ray and MRI. All these tests will help your doctor or therapist determine your state, and follow up with the appropriate therapy. 

Degenerative Disc Disease and Physical Therapy

When looking for a specialist, make sure it is someone you trust, like the physical therapists at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy, and someone who is already well experienced in treating degenerative disc disease. The studies have shown that a good physical therapist can help you achieve better results than a surgeon. The good news is that you can start the stretching and strengthening exercises the same day, followed by massages and education about posture and body weight management

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The aims are to improve joint motion that will reduce the pain level, and increase the overall mobility and strength. The sooner you exercise under supervision, the sooner you can begin to slow the deterioration. It is also very important to make it a habit and to perform the recommended exercises on a regular basis in order to help promote a healthy spine. 

Small changes can make a big difference, and making it a part of your everyday routine will certainly improve your overall medical condition. 

Now that you know more about degenerative disc disease and physical therapy…

…if you are ready to experience the benefits of physical therapy for degenerative disc disease, and slow the progression of your condition, contact us today.


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