Exercises For Elbow Pain Relief

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Jun 08

Looking for exercises for elbow pain? Elbow pain is generally caused by repetitive motion such as is the case with playing sports like golf or tennis. Elbow pain can also be caused by repetitive tasks and motions such as those required in certain occupations like plumbing.

If you are experiencing elbow pain, it might be the case that your elbow pain is something that could be improved with physical therapy. If so, your physical therapist may recommend certain exercises such as these to help improve your elbow pain.

Exercises For Elbow Pain Relief

Fist clench

If you have a small towel and a place to rest your wrist, such as a table, you can complete this easy exercise. This works the flexor tendons of the fingers and thumb and can help improve grip strength, if that is what is causing your elbow pain. To begin, roll a small towel and place in the palm of your hand with the back of your wrist down on the table. Squeeze the towel for 10 seconds and hold. Release, then repeat up to 10 times or as directed by your physical therapist.

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Wrist flexor stretch

Stand with your right arm extended straight out.  Pull down and back on your fingers with the other hand until you feel a stretch in your forearm.  Hold, repeat and then repeat two stretches on your other arm.

Wrist extension

A 2 lb. weight will come in handy on this exercise. You can begin this exercise sitting in a chair with your elbow on your knee. Place the weight in the palm of your hand, palm facing down. Grip the weight and slowly bring the back of your hand up towards your body. Release and repeat up to 10 times or as directed by your physical therapist.

A physical therapist can show you specific exercises for elbow pain relief. To learn more about the underlying cause of your elbow pain and what to do about it, contact a physical therapist at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy in Queen Creek or Phoenix.

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