What Is a Gait Analysis and Why Is It So Important?

What Is a Gait Analysis and Why Is It So Important? hover background

Jul 01

A gait analysis is a study of a person’s motion, based on the visual data collected by the observers, complemented with high tech instruments that measure movements of the body, muscle activity and the mechanics of movements. 

The analysis will show the way you run, walk or perform similar physical activities. It will help to pinpoint and determine your problems and try to find solutions to improve the way you move and exercise. It can identify any muscles of your feet, that can be over or underactive. Those muscles might lead to injuries or other problems, somewhere in the future. A physical therapist can complete a gait analysis.

Why is a gait analysis so important?

A gait analysis is very important for a number of reasons. Whether you are new at running or you are an experienced runner, it could be beneficial for you. It’s very important to determine any weak points in your feet, which could lead to damage and injuries in the future.

A full analysis might take only around 15 minutes. It will help you determine points in your feet that should be taken into consideration when doing exercise, or buying a new pair of sports shoes. It also helps your physical therapist to determine your biomechanics and where any causes of pain in your body might be.

 If you already have injuries or problems with your feet or bad choices of sports shoes, there is even more reason for you to perform the gait analysis.  The equipment for this type of analysis today is much better than only a few years back. The instant information that it will provide for the physical therapist, can be used to create a personalized treatment program, to restore the function of your limbs and shorten the time needed for recovery.

The physical therapist can teach the patient to run and walk in a way that will prevent or minimize any further injuries. 

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