3 Health Tips For Surviving The Holidays

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Nov 08

Health Tips For Surviving The Holidays

This time of year always brings such joy to family life: being thankful for everything you are blessed with, getting excited over the holidays, spending time with those you love. And of course the stress!

Between the Thanksgiving meal, the Christmas cookies, and the hectic schedules that leave you with little time to exercise or even think about cooking healthy, it’s no wonder it’s a tough time of year to live healthfully. But don’t despair, for there is hope.

Read on for a few tips that can help us stay healthy during this beautiful (and trying) time of year.

3 Health Tips For Surviving The Holidays

1. Don’t beat yourself up for an indulgence (or two!). Think about ways you can counter the extra calories from all those goodies, such as getting more physical activity on certain days or weeks, eating smaller meals when necessary, etc.

2. To keep your family eating healthy, plan. When you are busy, and under stress, it can be easy to hit the drive through lines and convenience food aisles at the grocery store.

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To prepare for these situations, think about using the time you have now to prepare for the busier days ahead, such as making meals in advance and freezing them, planning your meals a week at a time, or preparing meals at a meal preparation establishment.

3. Plan a new exercise schedule if necessary. With busier-than-usual schedules and the kids out of school, your regular exercise routine can be thrown for a primary loop. If you don’t plan, it can easily be forgotten altogether.

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Above all, enjoy the special moments with your family and loved ones. This season of the year is so special because of the time we share and the memories we make with our families.

No matter what is going on with your eating habits, exercise routine, or stress level, remember what’s important to you. After all, enjoying those you love is just as important as your weight on the scale.

Now that you know a few health tips for surviving the holidays, to see what physical therapy can do to help you live a healthier lifestyle, contact us today.


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