How Physical Therapy Helps Arthritis

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Jun 11

If you are suffering, have you ever considered how physical therapy helps arthritis? Physical therapy is an important form of treatment to combat the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis. It should be performed preferably 5 times a week, with a minimum duration of 45 minutes per session.

The goals of physical therapy for arthritis are:

-decrease pain and discomfort

-improve range of motion

-prevent and stop joint deformities

-maintain or increase muscle strength

-ensure that daily activities are carried out independently

To achieve the above goals, your physical therapist may use different methods to help combat pain, reduce inflammation or improve range of motion and strength without harming the affected joints.

How Physical Therapy Helps Arthritis

Hot packs are a form of moist heat treatment, which treat arthritis in the hands, wrists, feet or ankles for the ease of application of the technique. The moist heat is able to increase the local metabolism, improve blood circulation, decrease pain, facilitate movement and consequently combat inflammation, allowing a better realization of the movements with the affected joint.

After the use of humid heat, the techniques used to increase the joint and muscular range of the affected region should be used through joint mobilization, movement gain, and stretching. Depending on the individual’s progress, specific exercises should be started to gain strength with the use of elastics and/or dumbbells, at the end of each treatment.

Ice can be exchanged for heat, but ice does not always achieve as good results as the first. It is up to your physical therapist after an evaluation, to decide what is the best therapeutic approach for your condition.

A physical therapist at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy can also guide you through a more advanced treatment phase, where you feel less pain and are able to perform some type of exercises and movements, that will strengthen the muscles without harming the joints and help you achieve great results and experience the benefits of physical therapy.

To get started on a plan that helps you to reduce the pain associated with arthritis, contact us for an evaluation today.


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