Managing Pain: Questions to Ask

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Oct 04

If you are hurting, managing pain might be all that you are thinking about. But if you do a little bit of preparation before coming to your physical therapist, it will make your visit that much more productive and your treatment, healing and recovery faster.

When it comes to managing pain, here are some things to think about and to ask your physical therapist.

Regarding your source of pain and the healing process, ask:

*Where is my pain coming from?

*How long should I expect for the healing process to be and when will I be out of pain?

*What can I do to increase my chances of healing?

When it comes to what you can do to manage the pain, ask: 

*Are there certain things I should be doing to manage the pain, such as avoiding certain activities?

*How can I resume my normal activities pain-free?

*When will I be able to resume my normal activities pain-free?

*What other remedies will I be able to do on my own at home to get myself out of pain?

If you have found yourself under the care of a doctor who prescribed you medications to manage your pain, there are important questions that you should ask before you consider taking it. These are:

*Why is it this medication specifically that you are prescribing for me?

*How does this medication work in my body to overcome pain?

*How long is this something that I need to take?

*If I take this, what will happen to my body?

*Is this addicting?

*If I do not take this medication, what will happen to my body?

*Is this medication in the opioid family? If so, what are the alternatives that are not opioids?

*What other options do I have, such as physical therapy, that I could try that are non-drug treatment options?

It is important to ask these questions of your healthcare providers for a couple reasons. The more educated you are when it comes to your care and the more of an advocate you are for yourself, the better your results and healing process will be. 

For a team of physical therapists that will advocate for your health schedule a consultation with us at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists can help you find ways in managing pain that put you on the road to recovery faster. Contact us today.


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