Physical Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

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Mar 06

While the illness currently has no known cure, physical therapy for multiple sclerosis can help to manage the disease and improve quality of life.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive condition. MS happens when myelin (which is a covering on the nerves) deteriorates. When this happens it causes the central nervous system to not function properly. This leads to trouble controlling muscle movement, impaired vision, difficulty walking, and other physical impairments.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis may include::

Trouble with walking

Difficulty with balancing

Fatigue that does not improve with rest

Heavy feeling in arms and/or legs

Tingling or numbness

Pain in muscles

Memory issues

Trouble with talking or swallowing

Double vision

Emotional issues

Bladder or bowel issues


MS may affect different people differently. There are different types of multiple sclerosis. An MRI can diagnose damage to the body’s central nervous system, which may indicate MS.

Physical Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

While there is not a known cure, there are things you can do to manage the disease. Working with a physical therapist is one way to help improve quality of life for those living with this condition. Research has proven physical therapy has benefits for those with multiple sclerosis.

During an initial consultation, your physical therapist will complete an exam and ask you about any limitations you may be experiencing. Your physical therapist will want to know:

What has become difficult for you?

Where are you noticing restrictions in abilities?

Physical therapy offers patients a chance to maintain and improve muscle function, while living with MS. Physical therapists can help patients with strength, flexibility, overall fitness and remain active and productive as much as possible, helping to improve the quality of life.

Physical therapy focuses on improving quality of life in the following ways:

Maintain or improve function of every day tasks

Tailor an exercise program to you, specific to your goals

Provide education to help you manage the condition

Teach proper use of assistive devices if needed

Improve strength and stamina

Prevent symptoms from worsening

Help you know what to expect

Treatment options may include exercise, a home exercise program, muscle strengthening, aquatic therapy, tai chi, and/or yoga.

Now that you know more about physical therapy for multiple sclerosis…

If you have begun to experience symptoms of multiple sclerosis or have been recently diagnosed with MS, contact the team at Above and Beyond Physical Therapy to learn more about how physical therapy for multiple sclerosis can help you to improve your quality of life.

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