Queen Creek Therapist Bios Mix & Match

Queen Creek Therapist Bios Mix & Match hover background

Sep 12

Our Stellar Teams Makes us Who We Are!

So who are they??

How well do you know the Above & Beyond Physical Therapy Queen Creek team?

We wanted to take a moment to introduce our team and share some little known facts about them! Match the staff member name to the details about them!

____ Maria Vera

____ Tom Long

____ Marcy Arbuckle

____ Joshua Ryan

____ Carl Biscontini

____ John Donoto



Hometown: Naperville, IL

Current Position: PT/Owner

College: University of Illinois, Midwestern University, IL

Interests/Hobbies: Golf/Soccer

Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Color: Blue

Pet Peeve: Mean people

What I’m Passionate About:

Physical Therapy and Family Time!

Favorite Type of Music/Song:

One Particular Harbor by Jimmy Buffet (our wedding song)



Hometown: Ecuador

Current Position: Physical Therapy Tech

Favorite Food: Wings Favorite Color: Purple

Pets?: 2 dogs

Pet Peeve: Lack of commitment

What I’m Passionate About: Dancing

Favorite Type of Music/Song: Latin Pop



Hometown: Wilks-Barre, PA

Current Position: Lead Physical Therapist

College: East Stroudsburg University, Temple University

Interests/Hobbies: Golf, exercise, playing/watching/practicing football &

baseball with my son, Notre Dame football, spending time with family

Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Color: Blue & Gold

Pets?: Dog – Maltipoo named Humphrey Bogart

Pet Peeve: Negative mental attitudes

What I’m Passionate About: Getting patients back to a pain free lifestyle

Favorite Type of Music/Song:

Jimmy Buffet and Dave Matthews Band



Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Current Position: Physical Therapist Tech

College: Carrington College

Interests/Hobbies: Camping, hiking, basketball

Favorite Food: Mexican Food, Cajun Food

Favorite Color: Green

Pets? 4 dogs, 1 cat

Pet Peeve: Lack of organization

What I’m Passionate About: Phx Suns, basketball, family

Favorite Type of Music/Song: Alternative, punk



Hometown: Brier Hill, NY

Current Position: Office Administrator

College: Cazenovia College

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, hiking spending time

with family

Favorite Food: Stuffed peppers

Favorite Color: Pink and black

Pet Peeve: Liars

What I’m Passionate About: My family

Favorite Type of Music/Song: 80’s rock



Hometown: Lindenhurst “Strong Island”, NY

Current Position: Physical Therapy Assistant

College: Pima Medical Institute

Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Triathlons, playing guitar

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite Color: Yankee Blue

Pets?: Dog – Munson

Pet Peeve: Lack of common sense

What I’m Passionate About: Family, helping people, Yankees, Islanders

Favorite Type of Music/Song: Rock & Roll





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21321 E. Ocotillo Rd., Suite 122
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
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