Tips For Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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Dec 01

Are you looking for some tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions? If you are hesitant to set a new goal or resolution in the new year based out of the fear of being able to keep it, we have some tips for you.

When the new year rolls around each year, most of us are ready to wipe the slate clean and have a fresh start. We start off with excitement. We also start out with the best of intentions in keeping our resolutions and goals. But somewhere along the way, that excitement starts to dwindle.

Whether your resolution is for better health, losing weight, or a goal applied to another area of life, how you go about setting those resolutions makes all the difference when it comes to keeping them. The resolutions you make and the support and resources you gather to help you, can make the difference between success or failure in keeping your resolution.

Tips For Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions this year.

Set Resolutions That Motivate & Inspire You

Set goals or resolutions that not only inspire you, but also keep you motivated and are attainable. Setting a goal or resolution that is too far out of reach will quickly discourage you from continuing to pursue it. Watching constant progress toward reaching your goal or resolution will help you stay motivated throughout the process of trying to obtain it.

Enlist Support

Find a support system for encouragement and accountability. Having someone to talk to about the progress you are making on your goal or resolution can help to keep you encouraged and accountable to yourself and others for reaching it.

Find Resources

When setting your resolution, also ask yourself if there are any additional resources that you need in order to obtain your goals. For example, if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or exercise more, do you have the knowledge you need to begin? Do you feel confident that you can begin exercising safely and avoid injury? Or, do you need a little guidance to help you get started?

Finding the knowledge and resources that you need can help strengthen your ability to reach the goals and resolutions that you have set for yourself in the new year.

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If your New Year’s resolution involves exercising more, living a healthier lifestyle and making better choices for your health, a member of the physical therapy team at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy can assist you with getting started.

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