What is Causing My Suspicious Knee Pain?

What is Causing My Suspicious Knee Pain? hover background

Apr 28

Symptoms and Signs of Knee Pain

Knee pain symptoms may be mild to severe depending on the complexity of the condition or injury.

  • Pain or discomfort with bending or straightening your knee
  • Tenderness at the knee joint
  • Limited motion in your knee
  • Weakness in the muscles around your knee
  • Difficulty putting weight on your knee when standing or walking
  • Redness and swelling, skin feels warm to the touch
  • Visible signs of an injury, such as an abnormal appearance or malformation
  • A popping or clicking sound when moving the knee

Common Causes of Knee Pain

There are many types of diseases and injuries that can affect the knee.  Some of the most common include:

How to Prevent Knee Pain

There are different ways to help prevent knee pain which include:

  • A Healthy Diet—helps to keep weight down and prevent placing stress on the joints
  • Warming Up—warming up your body before you do any activity that stresses the body may help to prevent an injury.  Always warm up and stretch before activities such as lifting weights or running
  • Rest—after a strenuous activity or activity, resting may help to prevent pain in the knees

If you are suffering from knee pain, consult your physical therapist about how to treat your injury or condition.  Physical therapy will help to reduce the pain, regain function, restore strength and mobility. If you are looking for a solution for your knee pain, contact us today.

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