7 Tips to Improve Your Posture While Driving

7 Tips to Improve Your Posture While Driving hover background

Apr 18

Sitting in Traffic? Here are 7 Tips to Improve Your Posture


Living in Phoenix often requires an abundance of driving.  Your daily commute alone can add up to a lot of time sitting behind the wheel.  Sitting in a car for long periods of time can aggravate back and hip problems or create new ones altogether.  By modifying your posture while driving, you will go a long way in making your drive more comfortable and prevent future pain and injury.  What better way to work on improving your posture than in your car? A good ergonomic setup can go a long way.

Make your Seat Ergonomically Correct

  • Posture is important to a healthy back and muscular system.  Try these quick and easy steps before you sit in your car and start to see and feel the difference:
  • Adjust the bottom of your seat so that you can comfortably hold the steering wheel with your arms outstretched
  • Adjust the back of your seat so that your back is firmly against it and you are not trying to reach the pedals with your legs
  • Always maintain contact between the back of your head and the headrest.  This will help to keep your neck muscles relaxed and your head in alignment with your spine
  • Always keep your shoulders relaxed and in contact with the back of your seat


A Few Other Tips to Help Your Posture When You Drive

  • Hold your steering wheel firmly, but don’t clench
  • Always remove your wallet or cell phone from your back pocket before you sit down—it can cause the pelvis to twist which can put stress on the back
  • If you are driving for a long time, take frequent breaks to get out and stretch


Maintaining good posture at all times is important.  Always be mindful of your posture outside of your car too—at your desk, the dinner table or walking.

If you think you have poor posture or are suffering from the effects of it, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of Above & Beyond’s physical therapists. We will help you alleviate pain and prevent it from returning!


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