4 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

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May 28

4 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Are you chained to your desk all day long? Sitting too much can cause many different health problems. Sitting increases your risk for obesity, heart disease, back pain and poor posture, to name a few. Finding the time to fit in a workout every day can be difficult. The good news is that you can exercise virtually anywhere—including your desk!

So why not work out while you work?

Here are 4 exercises you can do during the day at the office:

Desk Pushups

Stand and face your desk, put your hands against the edge shoulder-width apart. Keep your back and legs in a straight line and lower your chest until it almost touches the edge of your desk. Push yourself back up and repeat.  Pushups target your arms and shoulders.

The Seat Squat

Stand a few inches in front of your chair with your rear facing it. Hold your arms straight out in front of you and slowly lower down as if you are going to sit down. Keep your weight on your heels and stand back up right when you feel your rear tap the chair.  Repeat. These seat squats will target your legs and butt.

Leg Extensions

Using the back of your chair for leverage, straighten one leg out behind you and contract your glute muscles as much as possible. Hold this position for about three seconds, lower and repeat 15 times for each leg. You can also extend your leg out in front of you while sitting to work your quadriceps.

Arm Curls

Keep resistance bands or small hand weights in your desk drawer or cabinet. In between meetings or during a break, do some arms curls to work your biceps.

Here are a few other quick tips to get your blood pumping at work:

  • Take quick breaks and walk around
  • Walk to your co-worker’s desk instead of emailing them
  • Make time to stretch throughout the day (especially your hip flexors!)
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Leave the office for lunch instead of eating at your desk
  • Use a stability ball instead of a chair to keep your core strong

Spending lots of hours sitting at the office can be hard on your body. Incorporate these simple exercises to your workday and start seeing—and feeling—the benefits!

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