Knee Pain? Learn About Meniscus Tear Symptoms

Knee Pain? Learn About Meniscus Tear Symptoms hover background

Jun 09

Meniscus tears are a common knee injury that can prevent your knee from functioning correctly.  The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of cartilage providing a cushion between your femur and tibia.  There are two menisci in each knee joint and they serve as a shock-absorption system that help to lubricate the knee joint.  With time, wear and tear can cause the meniscus to tear.

Meniscus Tear Symptoms

If you have a minor meniscus tear, you may experience slight pain or swelling.  A moderate tear can cause pain in the center or side of your knee, while with a severe meniscus tear, pieces of the torn meniscus can move into the joint space.  Common meniscus tear symptoms may include:

  • Limited motion of the knee joint
  • Knee pain
  • Swelling of the knee
  • Hearing a popping or clicking sound in the knee
  • Pain worsening with use, knee joint pain when walking
  • Weakness and stiffness of the knee
  • Degeneration of the knee joint over time
  • The feeling that your knee is giving away or unable to support you
  • Difficulty squatting down

Meniscus Tear Treatment

A torn meniscus can cause long-term problems, such as osteoarthritis of the knee, if not treated. Physical therapy can play an important role to help control your pain and restore full strength and mobility to your knee.  The physical therapists at Above & Beyond will use treatment options for your meniscus tear that aim to:

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Return your knee to normal joint range of motion
  • Strengthen your knee
  • Minimize your chance of re-injury

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