Don’t Overlook these 3 Common Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries

Don’t Overlook these 3 Common Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries hover background

Jun 16

Don’t Overlook these 3 Common Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries

If your child has been injured or has trouble with movement from an illness, disease or disability, physical therapy may help them resume their daily activities and relieve pain.  Our physical therapists will teach kids exercises specifically designed to help them regain strength and range of motion.

If pediatric orthopedic injuries are not diagnosed early, injuries can result in long-term disabling conditions. Here are three common skeletal injuries found in the pediatric population:

Elbow Injury

Elbow injuries are extremely common in children.  Elbow injury symptoms may include swelling pain and decreased range of motion.

Hip Injury

A child with a hip injury may feel pain in the hip, groin, thigh or knee.  Hip injuries may cause a child to limp or be unable or unwilling to stand, walk or move the injured hip.

Knee Injury

It’s not unusual for children to fracture, sprain, strain or dislocate the knee joint while playing sports or with their friends.  Common symptoms of a knee injury include pain, instability, swelling and stiffness.


Physical therapy may start with a comprehensive initial evaluation after which a treatment plan will be developed.  Therapy sessions may include the following techniques:

  • Building developmental skills
  • Gait training
  • Balance and coordination activities
  • Building strength around an injury
  • Flexibility exercises to increase range of motion
  • Improving circulation around injuries by using heat, cold, exercise, electrical stimulation, massage and ultrasound
  • Teach techniques on how to prevent a recurring injury

Physical therapy will help to improve your child’s loss of range of motion, flexibility or strength due to an injury, illness or surgery. Above & Beyond Physical Therapy offers a variety of physical therapy services to meet the needs of all age groups.

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