Common Daily Activities That Could Be Causing You Pain

Common Daily Activities That Could Be Causing You Pain hover background

Jun 24

Is Your Daily Grind Causing You Pain?

The activities you perform daily can sometimes literally be a pain in the neck or back.  Tasks like cooking, shopping and housework seem simple but may be causing you pain and fatigue.

Here are a few common daily activities with some tips to help you avoid hurting yourself:

Vacuuming, Sweeping & Mopping

Think about how you position your body when vacuuming, sweeping or mopping.  Most people will plant their feet on the ground and push and pull with their arms.  This can cause you to bend forward and twist too far while reaching creating repeated twists on the spine.  Too much bending and twisting can injure a disc or strain a muscle which can result in nerve pain and sciatica. Instead, move your feet!  Keep your shoulders and hips pointed in the same general direction while staying upright and moving those feet around.  Put on some music and dance around next time you break out the broom or mop and keep your feet moving—you’ll be less likely to end up in pain or injured.

Cooking & Clean Up

Some meals are quick not taking too much prep and cook time with an equally quick clean up.  There are meals that require more work and time like preparing a holiday meal or when you throw a dinner party for friends and family.  Either way, be conscious of little things like how you reach or bend down for things in the cupboards or pantry.  Don’t strain to reach something on a high shelf.  Instead, use a footstool for those dishes that are high up out of your reach.  If you need to get something under the counter, bend at your hips and knees and keep your back straight.    A proper squat should keep the knees at or behind the toes while you hinge at your hips—don’t have your back or neck hunch forward.  If you are squatting correctly, not only will it help you stay injury-free but you always will tone your glutes and keep your bottom firm!

Using a Computer

More and more people are spending many hours staring at computer screens every day.  If you are spending more than 30 minutes a day working at a computer try raising it up to help your neck stay straight.  Working on a laptop or tablet?  Raise them up too!  Consider purchasing a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep the screen separate from your hands to keep your neck upright.  The proper position will help you avoid neck, shoulder and back pain while also preventing bad posture and headaches.

Neck and back pain if left untreated can get progressively worse. Don’t ignore your pain and seek treatment to prevent further injury by calling us today!

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