8 Low Impact Exercises For Joints

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Jan 22

Once in a while, we need to give our bodies a break from excessive pounding from exercises like running, dance classes or contact sports.  Luckily, low-impact exercises are generally easier on the body—especially our joints.

We’ve rounded up 8 low impact exercises that are perfect for you when you’re just getting started, recovering from an injury or wanting to try something new!


Walking engages almost every muscle in the body.  If you want to really get your heart rate up, try speed changes—alternating from slow and fast walking or hiking up a hill.

In-Line Skating

Always wear protective gear and skate in an area with a flat surface.  Take short strides and crouch low to keep your center of gravity close to the ground.  In-line skating is a great calorie torcher and boosts your metabolism for several hours after the workout.


An elliptical puts less stress on your legs. They are easy to use, pain-free and a good way to start exercising for most people. If you want to engage even more muscles, hop on an elliptical with an upper body component and blast more fat.


Hopping on a bike is an easy and fun way to get some low-impact exercise with a lower chance of damaging your joints. If you love group exercise, sign up for a spin class for some healthy competition and motivating music.  Or go for a ride in your neighborhood—alternate sprints with moderate speeds to get your heart pumping.

Rowing Machine

Using the rowing machine at your gym is an intense way to work out your arms, legs, back and core.

Tai Chi

Give your joints a break and try some Tai Chi. This gentle movement will also help keep headaches at bay and improve flexibility.


Swimming is a great low impact exercise with lots of benefits like strengthening your shoulders and improving lung function. Swim some laps or try water aerobics.


TRX—or total body resistance exercise—is a strap suspension system that’s super easy on your joints but definitely a challenge for your whole body.

To protect your joints, the best choices are often these low impact exercise options.

For more low impact exercises and tips, make an appointment with one of the physical therapists at Above & Beyond.  The team at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy are here to enhance the lives of our clients and their families.


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