5 Common Workout Myths Debunked

5 Common Workout Myths Debunked hover background

Jan 13

Feel like you’re killing it at the gym but just aren’t seeing results? It may be that you’ve fallen victim to some bad workout advice. If you think you know the facts about getting fit, you may be surprised to learn just how many are untrue. Here’s what not to do when you want to shed a few pounds or lose some inches off your waistline. It’s time to clear up these common workout myths and misconceptions for a more effective workout:

Workout Myth #1: The Best Way to Six-Pack Abs is by Doing Sit Ups & Crunches

Fact: A more effective way to carve out those ab muscles is by doing moves like planks and push ups. These exercises target your entire core instead of targeting a small section like with sit ups or crunches.

Workout Myth #2: The More You Sweat, The More You Burn

Fact: Just because you are drenched after that long run doesn’t necessarily mean you torched more calories than usual. Sweat is your body’s biological response that cools down your skin and regulates internal body temperature. Instead, monitor your heart rate during your workout to gauge your level of intensity and burn more calories.

Workout Myth #3: Lifting Weights Will Make You Look Like a Bodybuilder

Fact: Women don’t typically have enough testosterone to bulk up. Choose heavy weights combined with less repetitions instead of lighter weights and higher reps and see your body start to lean out!

Workout Myth #4: No Pain, No Gain

Fact: Working out doesn’t need to be painful in order to provide health benefits and great results. Sore muscles are expected during a workout but if you’re in serious pain, stop what you’re doing. Feeling pain doesn’t mean you are working harder, but that you’re most likely injuring yourself.

Workout Myth #5: Working Out on an Empty Stomach Helps You Burn More Fat

Fact: If your goal is to lose weight, you need energy to fuel your workout. This will have a greater impact on overall burn. Fueling up a few hours before exercise may help to prevent those post-workout binges that can happen when you finish your workout session feeling famished.

Eating the right way also plays an important role in achieving your fitness goals. Watch out for these healthy foods in disguise.

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