8 Tips to Get Fit This Fall

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Nov 02

get fit this fall

Fall is officially here!

School is in session, the calendar is filling up, and the weather is amazing. As the days shorten, it is much harder to pull yourself out of bed when it’s pitch-black outside, and motivating yourself to exercise can become challenging. Now is the perfect time to start a fitness routine to prepare you for the holiday season. Whether you are starting an exercise plan or trying to maintain one, we’ve got the advice you need to get fit this fall.

1. Enjoy the weather and go outside This is the perfect time of year to enjoy outdoor exercise activities. The cool crisp air is good for your body to breath, and makes it more comfortable to be outdoors than in the summer heat. Check out your local parks and mountains for running, hiking, and biking.

2. Plan ahead Get rid of any excuse you may have for skipping a workout by planning ahead. Pack your gym bag the night before or sleep in your gym clothes. Set and stick to a specific time that you will exercise each day.

3. TV time = fitness time Be an active TV watcher by keeping your fitness equipment in the TV room.

Blast away those calories while watching your favorite show using a stability ball, resistance bands, dumbbells, or treadmill. While you watch you can walk or run in place, do standing lunges or sit-ups.

4. Stock up on in-season fresh produce Every season features a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that our bodies need for sustained health. Educate yourself on what is fresh this season and take advantage of the beautiful weather and check out a local farmers market. Keep your diet from turning bland and save money stocking up on fall produce.

5. Commit to 30 days of fitness It can take about 30 days to cement a new habit into your daily routine. Stay fit through the holiday season by sticking with your fitness plan this month.

6. Too cold? Go inside Luckily there is a new roster of indoor classes ready to keep you fit, trim and happy. Now is the perfect time to finally take that class you’ve been looking at. Check out your local gym or business that offers classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Barre, and Boot Camp.

7. Start your New Year’s Resolution early Getting in shape as part of your New Year’s Resolution is overrated. Why allow yourself to slack on diet and exercise all winter long, only to pick January 1st to shape up? Begin cultivating habits before the Holidays hit so that the momentum will build going into those tough winter months. Be in your best shape by the time 2014 rolls around.

8. Get active after those big holiday meals It is important to follow up any holiday meal with some form of activity. Toss the football around, go for a walk around the neighborhood—the key is to get moving a little bit after enjoying those big meals. This will get the blood flowing and jumpstart your metabolism so you can begin to burn off the damage you may have done at the table. A little bit goes a long way!



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