Tips to Avoid Holiday Aches and Pains

PT Tips for the Holidays – How to Avoid Holiday Aches and Pains

holiday aches and pains

Believe it or not, the holiday season is in full swing.  You may be exploding with excitement or dreading the annual requirements of decorating, shopping and entertaining.  The holiday season can be emotionally taxing to be sure—but have you ever thought about how physically taxing it can be?  Shopping til you drop, decorating, and lifting heavy presents can all contribute to neck, shoulder, and back injuries.  Here are some tips to keep you from getting hurt so you are not out of commission for that party or upcoming ski trip.



From hanging holiday lights to getting those dusty boxes out from the attic, this season is filled with a lot of lifting.  Unfortunately, all of that lifting can lead to injuries if you’re not careful!  Here are some tips to keep you from getting hurt so you are not out of commission for that party or upcoming ski trip.

  1. Stretch before handling a heavy load to give your muscles a chance to warm up.
  2. When lifting, squat with your back straight and keep your stomach muscles tight.
  3. Instead of overreaching or overextending to get something, keep your arms close to your body.
  4. Position your feet shoulder width apart facing the load
  5. Align your shoulders, nose, and toes with the load to keep yourself centered.
  6. Wear comfortable and properly fitting shoes that are slip-resistant if possible



When heading out to the mall, keep these ideas in mind:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes—you will be doing a fair amount of walking and standing in lines.
  2. Do not carry all of your bags on one arm.  This will cause you to be out of balance and your body has to lean to one side to counteract the weight of the packages, causing your joints and muscles to ache.
  3. Heavy purse?  This can put stress on your shoulder—consider emptying out some items in your purse that you will not need for this shopping trip.
  4. Shop online—save time, avoid the busy crowds, and save your body from unnecessary stress.
  5. Make frequent trips to the car to drop off purchases



During those countless hours of cooking and baking, your muscles can work harder than usual without your even knowing.

  1. Work on a padded surface.  Standing for long periods of time on a hard surface can lead to muscle fatigue and back ache
  2. Perform gentle movement exercises to keep the muscles in your neck and shoulders loose



Don’t forget about your exercise routine during the holiday season.  Not only will exercise help you keep off the pounds, it can also help you manage stress that is associated with family get-togethers and holiday planning


If we aren’t careful, the holidays can be a pain in the neck—literally!  This holiday season take precautions in order to keep aches and injuries at bay.


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