5 Alternatives For Outdoor Exercise In The Heat of Summer

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Aug 01

5 Alternatives For Outdoor Exercise In The Heat of Summer

It is the middle of summer in the desert and you know what that means — lots of time indoors and limited time outdoors. If you are missing the fresh air and your favorite outdoor activities, this time of year it can be hard to cope.

When you like to walk, hike, jog, or run, these hot summer months can put a damper on your favorite outdoor activities. Rightfully so, since the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke are high when temps are regularly hitting the triple digits.

Heat stroke (or sunstroke) usually begins as heat exhaustion and/or dehydration. Typically, people over the age of 50 are impacted the most, but it can happen to anyone regardless of age. The danger of heat stroke is that it can damage your brain and organs. Once it progresses, it can turn worse and you will start to see symptoms such as:



Red skin

Not sweating as they should be





Loss of consciousness

At Above & Beyond Physical Therapy, we take a holistic approach to health, care about your wellbeing and encourage you to find ways to stay active all throughout the year. So, when it is too hot to exercise outdoors, what do you do?

Here Are 5 Alternatives For Outdoor Exercise In The Heat of Summer

Get up early

Know your limits, but getting up before sunrise and before everything (including the pavement) has a chance to warm up, could be a good way to still enjoy your favorite outdoor exercises and activities, even in the middle of summer. Try getting up as early as 4:30-5 a.m. to get in a quick walk, jog, or run and be sure to keep a close eye on rising temps and get back indoors before it gets to hot.

Swim indoors 

There are many benefits to swimming. Mainly, it is low-impact. Swimming gets your heart rate going without overstressing the joints of your body. It can also tone your muscles and help you get stronger. Swimming works out many of muscles in your body. Find a local pool and take advantage of the benefits of swimming this summer indoors.

Take up indoor rock climbing

If you have never considered it before, find a place with a rock climbing wall as a way to exercise indoors this summer. Rock climbing is one physical activity that requires you to engage many of the muscles in your body all at the same time. Doing this is heavy physical exertion and a great cardio workout.

Go to the gym

While it may seem obvious, it is still worth saying. Getting a membership at a local gym will give you access to machines, equipment and sometimes classes that will help you have a well-rounded, and varied workouts. If your schedule doesn’t allow for early morning workouts outside before the day heats up, hitting up the gym is a safe way to still stay active at any time of the day that better fits your schedule.

Head up north to hike

If you still are craving that fresh air and the great outdoors and just can’t help yourself this summer, head up north to hike. Summertime in the Northern Arizona mountains is much cooler than the desert and you can get to some beautiful hikes within a few hours and start enjoying the cooler weather. Just remember the higher you climb, the less oxygen there is so know your limits and prepare accordingly.

To find more alternatives for outdoor exercise in the heat of summer, set-up consultation with a physical therapist at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy in Queen Creek or Phoenix contact us today. Your physical therapist can help tailor a program that help address any areas of pain you are having or points of weakness and help you exercise safely this summer.


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