Can Physical Therapy Help My Hip Pain?

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Apr 10

Can Physical Therapy Help My Hip Pain?

If you are experiencing hip pain, you may be wondering if physical therapy can help. In many cases, especially when hip pain is caused by an impingement, physical therapy may be a good course of action to help offer relief.

Hip impingement is a condition in a person’s hip or hips that may cause leg pain, hip pain and restricted general movement. The agony from hip impingement may prevent one from doing their day-to-day activities. If you are experiencing hip pain, it is advisable for you to see a physical therapist. A physical therapist will help you to regain movement without pain.

A physical therapist will also help individuals that have hip impingement to avoid exercises that may irritate the affected area. Your physical therapist can also teach you ways to build strength in the hip area, further reducing pain and side effects.

Exercises & Physical Therapy May Offer Relief

Exercises ought to be the primary instrument in the treatment of hip impingement, thus your physical therapist may assign exercises for you to do. After initial instruction, the therapist will ensure the exercises are done correctly which will help the patient recuperate completely and oversee a reduction of hip pain in the future.

There are different types of exercises that your physical therapist can prescribe if you are suffering from hip impingement. These exercises revolve around enhancing hip versatility and adaptability, therefore reducing hip pain.

Patients are encouraged to work closely with the physical therapist to ensure exercise accuracy and quick recovery. Two of the exercises include:

Stretching the hip flexor muscles

If your hip is stiff or tight, your physical therapist may recommend stretching the hip flexor muscles. Visit this link for recommended exercises to stretch the hip flexor muscles.

Stretching groin muscles

In the event a person suffers from hip impingement, he or she may feel tightness in the inner thigh as well. Your physical therapist may suggest exercises such as these to stretch groin muscles and offer hip pain relief.

Can physical therapy help my hip pain?

If you are suffering from hip pain, contact us to find out how physical therapy may be a good course of action for you. Schedule an appointment at either our Queen Creek or Phoenix office today.


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