How Physical Therapists Promote Physical Fitness

How Physical Therapists Promote Physical Fitness hover background

May 01

Physical therapists play a key role in your health and promoting physical fitness. Believe it or not, physical therapy can be of great aid in helping you achieve your physical fitness goals as well.

As part of the medical team, physical therapists not only concentrate on your musculoskeletal system but also on your lifestyle and health practices which could affect your body.

It is also important to remember that physical therapists only supervise your rehabilitation. Your reaction to the activities and the determination to recover are factors that influence the speed of your progress.

Working hand in hand with your physical therapist and providing a hundred percent cooperation, can make physical therapy and rehabilitation a great success.

Benefits of Physical Therapy On Physical Fitness

There are certain medical conditions which include physical therapy among other treatments to promote health and allow the person to continue with his or her activities of daily living after going through the illness. Physical therapy can help with pain management and more Americans are choosing physical therapy over painkillers, recent studies show.

The purposes of physical therapy are to promote normal musculoskeletal function, prevent injuries related to the muscles and bones, and rehabilitate parts of the body which have been affected by a certain disorder.

The advantage of physical therapy is that it has been scientifically and medically proven to have favorable effects on the body when done the right way.

Most people who have musculoskeletal and other disorders affecting the ability of the person to move are being referred to physical therapists. If you have undergone a disorder which requires you to visit a physical therapist, the initial visit may cause you to be anxious, not knowing what to expect. Physical therapists are trained professionals who know how to deal with situations occurring in their work.

So, what are the things that you should expect upon your first visit?

Just like any other consultation, the first step is an assessment. The physical therapist is going to perform a series of physical fitness assessment tests, review your medical history, ask several questions related to your complaints, and identify the areas which have been affected by the disorder.

After the assessment, your physical therapist is going to plan activities which can be beneficial to you and your body. Along with this plan is the identification of goals that you should meet at the end of the session and the time it will ideally take for you to reach the goals.

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For the duration of the therapy, your physical therapist is keeping a record of your progress, your reactions to the activities and other aspects of evaluating your condition. It is also important to communicate with your physical therapist and be honest with how you feel about the activities. If you think that the activities are too much for you, let them know so that modifications can be done.

If there are questions you would like to ask, feel free to do so in order to have more information regarding your condition. It is very important to keep yourself updated with your health condition.

To take your first step towards improving your physical fitness through physical therapy, contact us for your assessment today.


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