What Is Lumbar Combination Syndrome?

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May 04

In this fast and modern world, with the rise of technology, the introduction of various new diseases has become commonplace. As many of us work day in and day out at computers and keyboards, or have jobs which require repetitive motion, the risk of injury increases. Among these diseases of the current era, lumbar combination syndrome is experienced in the population.

Lumbar combination syndrome is commonly referred to as a lower back problem. The good thing about this is that it gives an opportunity to identify the pain site with precision and accuracy. In medical terms, when your condition is a combination of lumbar derangement syndrome and dysfunction syndrome, it is referred to as lumbar combination syndrome.

Causes of lumbar combination syndrome

Among the common causes of lumbar combination syndrome:

-inappropriate sitting


-lifting weight

-twisting improperly

The condition of pain turns into a severe condition with the day-long routine of your body position. Among these positions, sitting in a car for a long time, standing in the same position for a while and walking for a long time is common. Constant pressure on joints can cause your condition to worsen.

Both, the front and back side of the spine may be affected at the same time, resulting in lumbar combination syndrome. If suitable measures are not taken timely, this pain may extend into other body parts including legs and upper body. You may notice the feeling of tingling or pins and needles in those areas of the body.

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The best way to get rid of this lower back problem is to exercise regularly, but this workout should not cause pain in your body. Working with a physical therapist can help. Your physical therapist can help you determine exercises that suit your current physical condition, pain and symptoms, age, weight, health condition and time availability.

If these symptoms sound all too familiar to you, and you believe you may be suffering from lumbar combination syndrome, contact us for an evaluation today.


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