How Does Physical Therapy Help With Pain Management?

How Does Physical Therapy Help With Pain Management? hover background

Nov 01

It is estimated that 116 million Americans suffer with chronic pain. That number is too high considering that physical therapy is a readily accessible means to end the suffering. There is hope for chronic pain sufferers through physical therapy. So, how does physical therapy help with pain management?

Your physical therapist can recommend courses of treatment that will alleviate your most severe pain first, to help your next steps feel more natural and comfortable, leading to your healing.

How Does Physical Therapy Help With Pain Management?

Pain in your body can be caused by many things, including: inflammation, stiffness, injury and more. Physical therapists use a range of modalities and exercises to treat pain, such as exercises, stretching, strengthening, and manual therapy.

These treatments work together to builds strength, endurance, flexibility and stability. This movement prompts your body to release it’s own pain relieving chemicals.

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Your physical therapist will not only be able to help you alleviate or minimize your pain, but will also be able to help you determine the source of it so that your course of.treatment is as effective as possible.

Physical Therapy: A Safe Option To End Chronic Pain

Physical therapy is a safe alternative to opioids and painkillers as a way to get out of chronic pain. In fact, more Americans are choosing physical therapy over painkillers, according to a recent study. If you already have a team of doctors on your side to help you manage your chronic pain, adding physical therapy to your care can help to improve your results.

Chronic pain can make you weak in that the worse you feel, the less likely you are to keep your muscles strong and stay physically active. Chronic pain may make you want to not move, not exercise, not engage in physical activity. But in many cases, and with the help of your physical therapist, physical activity will actually help you get out if your chronic pain.

Be patient with yourself, and know that healing takes time. You have a team on your side at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy. 

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