Physical Therapy Helps Combat Opioid Crisis In Arizona

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Dec 01

Physical Therapy Helps Combat Opioid Crisis In Arizona

Physical therapy is a safe and available alternative to help combat the opioid crisis in Arizona. Earlier this year, the governor signed an emergency declaration, stating that we all need to know more and do more to prevent the staggering number of deaths due to opioid overdoses in the state of Arizona.

The state now monitors real-time data and statistics to keep tabs on what they are calling this “health emergency” — and it is. Data released earlier this year shows the highest number of deaths in Arizona in the previous decade.

These aren’t just statistics. These are our children, sons, brothers, daughters and grandchildren — our families are being hurt by this epidemic.

According to a recent story from AZ Central:

    • Men ages 25 to 29 are at the highest risk of opioid overdoses.
    • Most overdoses occur at home.
    • 37 percent of people suspected of experiencing an overdose were prescribed an opioid less than two months earlier.
    • Chronic pain is the most cited symptom in people who experience a suspected overdose.

The state recognizes that these deaths are preventable. One alternative to opioid use is physical therapy. Physical therapy is a proven, safe and readily available way to treat and manage chronic pain.

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Physical therapy helps combat opioid crisis in Arizona

Physical therapy employs a number of modalities to address and treat the underlying symptoms associated with chronic pain. At Above & Beyond Physical Therapy, our belief is that a holistic approach promotes the mind, body and spirit to achieve maximal gain through the therapeutic process.

Your physical therapist will work with you to create a plan that evaluates your current condition and helps you manage it. Your physical therapist may employ techniques such as manual therapy, exercise, therapeutic cupping, dry needling, scraping, cryotherapy, traction and more as a means to help you overcome your chronic pain.

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These methods are available to you and those you love through a trained physical therapist, all without the risks associated with prescription painkillers and opioid use.

If you or someone you love is suffering with chronic pain, you have options other than prescription painkillers and opioids. Physical therapy is a safe and available means to manage or treat chronic pain. We can help. Contact us today.


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