What To Expect From Physical Therapy After A Knee Replacement

What To Expect From Physical Therapy After A Knee Replacement hover background

Nov 01

Physical therapy after a knee replacement surgery can help decrease pain and increase mobility. Rehabilitation may start immediately following surgery as you will be encouraged to stand and/or walk, possibly with the use of an assistive device.

Soon after returning home, a visit to your physical therapist will be in order. On your first physical therapy appointment after surgery, your physical therapist will have several important things to evaluate and several important pieces of information to share.

Physical Therapy After A Knee Replacement

First, your physical therapist will speak with you about precautions and contraindications, as well as ask about any pain you might be having, where it is and measure swelling. Your physical therapist will also take a look at how your knee is moving, how you are walking, how much bending there is in the knee.and if your assistive devices (such as a walker and cane) are an appropriate fit.

Before you go, your physical therapist will also speak with you about your treatment plan and will talk to you about your home exercise program.

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Physical therapy after a knee replacement should start immediately and may last for several months after your surgery.

Physical therapy can be helpful not only after knee replacement surgery, but also before surgery. “Pre-hab” or physical therapy before surgery is a great way to help you and your body prepare for your knee replacement surgery and help you recover faster after surgery.

For some patients, physical therapy can help you delay knee replacement surgery or forego it altogether.

The goal of physical therapy after a knee replacement surgery is:

  • Improved mobility
  • Decreased stiffness
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased strength
  • Return to normal activities
  • Lessened or eliminated pain

Our physical therapists at Above & Beyond are experienced with helping patients recover from and prepare for knee replacement surgery through physical therapy. Contact us today.


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