How Physical Therapy Promotes Good Health

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Apr 10

How Physical Therapy Promotes Good Health

Have you benefited from working with a physical therapist? Or, are you considering being evaluated by one? Whether it is due to illness, injury, or chronic pain or other conditions, physical therapists play a unique role in the lives of their patients.

Physical therapy can also help people stay fit throughout their lives. Here are several ways how physical therapy promotes good health.

Better Sleep

Sleep, or lack of it, has an impact on almost all bodily systems and plays a role in cardiovascular health, immune function, healing and more. Education and treatment that you receive from your physical therapist can help combat sleep disorders. Your physical therapist can play a role in promoting sleep health.

Improved Blood Circulation

Physical therapy promotes proper blood circulation. Most of us do not use many muscles correctly. Also, improper posture can prevent optimal circulation of the blood. Physical therapy improves blood circulation in your body which brings many positive results.

Poor circulation occurs when the limbs are not able to properly pump the blood back to the heart, as they must make a great effort. There are several treatments that your physical therapist can perform to help you improve your blood circulation.

Combat Depression

Anxiety and depression are something that is becoming more common. However, there are multiple treatments and therapies to treat them. Physical therapy can be very helpful if you want to reduce the symptoms of these disorders. Physical therapy and massage help to curb depression.

In addition to physical therapy, a professional massage can convey a sense of comfort, help people to reduce depression and improve their ability to adapt to positive life changes, according to several studies.

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Cardiovascular Health

Physiotherapy exercises help you to stretch muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness along with relaxation techniques to relieve muscle tension and anxiety. Also, it helps you to fight heart-related diseases.

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Hormonal Balance

Hormones work together in a complex system of delicately interconnected relationships like a symphony in an orchestra, if a single instrument is out of tune, it does not work, or imposes on others and can endanger the whole presentation. Hormones that are not finely balanced result in our body’s suboptimal health and therefore an impact on our quality of life, as well as showing a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

If you are considering physical therapy as a treatment for a current condition, you may find that the benefits of physical therapy are much more far reaching than you had originally been seeking. To find out more about how physical therapy promotes good health, contact us today.


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