How To Stay Motivated During Physical Therapy

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Aug 01

Looking for ways on how to stay motivated during physical therapy? If you ask a physical therapist what motivates patients most to begin physical therapy treatment, he or she will probably answer you with one word: “pain”.

A person suffering from pain will go to the physical therapist to help himself find relief from their pain. However, over the course of your treatment, some of that pain may begin to go away and you may start to lose your motivation to continue.

If your treatment isn’t over yet or if you find that during your physical therapy treatment you begin to lose motivation along the way, you may be looking for ways on how to stay motivated during physical therapy.

How To Stay Motivated During Physical Therapy

Your physical therapist will partner with you to create a treatment plan to support your healing and health goals. A therapist considers it his or her duty to look into the pain of the patient and try to figure out the cause of it and push you to reach your wellness goals.

But, it is not entirely up to your physical therapist to keep you motivated. There are some things you can do to help yourself prepare for success during your physical therapy treatment as well

Set decent goals

Before starting any physical therapy, you must set short or long term goals that can be accomplished. Make sure to remain in touch with your therapist so that he can tailor this for your betterment. But remember, your goals must be realistic.

Find a good partner

Try to find a partner that can support you and help keep you accountable to attending physical therapy or keeping up with your at-home program.

Track your progress

Always try to keep a record of the effect of physical therapy in reducing your pain. By knowing the progress you will stay motivated along the way.

Make exercise a habit

Having an exercise of 20 to 30 minutes a day will keep you energized and motivated to continue

Positive self talk

Encourage yourself with positive self talk as you progress through your treatment plan and physical therapy sessions. There are also many health benefits of positive thinking.

Enjoy the music

If you are fond of listening to music, then this could be your best ally and biggest motivator while you are practicing your exercises or at-home program.

You can find hundreds of other ways to keep yourself motivated through the treatment. Staying motivated is a difficult task but the more you invest in yourself, the better the result will be. Make sure to keep in contact with your therapist and measure your progress.

For a team of physical therapists on your side to help you through to meet your health and wellness goals, contact us at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy today.


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