Looking for Physical Therapy in Phoenix? Above & Beyond Physical Therapy is Just What You Need

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Feb 04

Have you ever wondered how physical therapy can help you?  If you are searching for physical therapy in Phoenix or Queen Creek, Above & Beyond is there to help you get you to your best you.

A lot of people are under the impression that physical therapy is exclusively for people recovering from surgery or injuries, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While many physical therapy patients are in fact in recovery, many others use physical therapy for other reasons.

Physical therapy is often used for its preventative measures. Seeing a physical therapist regularly can help ensure that you are exercising properly and are not at risk of injuring yourself. And physical therapy can often be an effective alternative to surgery, or a good option before surgery! This idea of “prehab” is becoming increasingly more popular because it helps the patient bounce back faster post-operation.

Just about everyone can benefit from regular physical therapy. Whether you get tight muscles after working out, you’re an athlete that requires a specific training regimen or just someone who wants to ensure you’re working out properly, physical therapy could be the solution for you!

Here are 3 reasons you could benefit from a visit to Above & Beyond Physical Therapy, one of Phoenix’s premiere physical therapy clinics.

Physical Therapy in Phoenix – Above & Beyond Physical Therapy’s Benefits

Pain Management

Physical therapy is a great solution for relieving chronic pain in muscles and joints. Your physical therapist can show you how to relieve the pain, restore proper function to the area, and even how to prevent the pain from returning.

Improve Your Balance and Mobility

Stretching and strengthening exercises can improve your ability to move and your range of motion. Additionally, your therapist can show you exercises that will improve your coordination, helping you to improve your balance.

Manage Your Condition

Many people believe that a medication is the only treatment for their condition, but physical therapy can help too! Physical therapy can help you manage everything from recovering from a stroke, diabetes, vascular conditions, cardiac issues, lung disease and so much more. Consider physical therapy as part of your treatment plan.

Now that you know physical therapy can drastically improve your life, consider scheduling an appointment today with Above & Beyond Physical Therapy and start reaping the benefits of optimal health and wellness! We have two convenient physical therapy locations in Phoenix and Queen Creek.

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