Managing Back Pain With Noninvasive Techniques

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May 07

Looking for ways for managing back pain? According to recent medical research, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability across the globe. If you are looking for noninvasive ways of managing back pain, talk to your physical therapist.

Here are some of the most effective noninvasive techniques for managing back pain your physical therapy may advise you to adopt.

Managing Back Pain With Noninvasive Techniques


A physical therapist will guide you through a series of exercises, which have been tailored to ease your back pain. Such exercises will also help you restore your mobility and offer you strength. Also, the expert will teach you how to carry out your daily activities in a way that does not magnify your pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage helps to pull tension out of muscles and joints. By the use of manual manipulation, massage can help reduce back pain. In addition, a massage can leave you feeling more relaxed. It not only relieves muscle tension but also drives away stress and anxiety. For the best results, ensure you seek professional massage services.

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Cold and Heat Packs

Cold and heat packs can help in relieving back pain. These methods have been in use since time immemorial. If the homemade packs are not working, consider asking your physical therapist for a better alternative. A specialist will recommend the most effective cold and heat packs, which can penetrate deeper into the tissues.

Depending on the magnitude of pain you are experiencing, it is advisable to go and see a physical therapist for proper guidance. Trying home remedies can still help alleviate pain, but remember professional advice is always the best.

For more tips on managing back pain with noninvasive techniques, contact a physical therapist at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy in Queen Creek or Phoenix. A physical therapist is an important member of your healthcare team who can help you in managing back pain with noninvasive techniques.

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