Office Work Related Injuries and Prevention

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Mar 08

Are you yearning for the day when you can sit in that cushy corporate corner office with a window? While you may think that office work makes you immune to injury, think again. If you sit at a desk all day, your job comes with risks of its own. Our bodies simply weren’t made for that. Here are three office work related injuries to watch out for and how to overcome or prevent them.

Eye strain

Using a computer too often or too long may have negative effects on your eyes or cause eye strain or dry eyes. To help, take brief breaks to look away from your screen or blink and adjust the height of your computer monitor. Read here for more tips on improving your eye health while working at a computer.

Poor posture

It’s easy to think that simply because you are comfortable in a chair, your posture is good. However, proper posture while working at a computer involves these things: feet flat on the floor, lower back supported and elbows bent at a 90 degree angle while typing. Poor posture at your computer may have negative effects on your spine, causing backaches or long term health issues.

Hand and wrist pain

Repetitive office tasks, such as typing, can lead to hand and wrist pain. To prevent this, take brief breaks for some basic hand stretches. You can also check with your human resources department at your company for assistance with purchasing ergonomic equipment to lessen the risk of injury and help you work safely.

Intense focus on your work throughout the day or the stress of meeting deadlines, can cause you to forget about your body’s basic needs. Set a timer to remind yourself to do periodic check-ins and evaluate what changes you might need to make to help your health and prevent these common office work related injuries.

If you have already suffered office work related injuries and need help to heal and recover, please reach out to us at Above and Beyond Physical Therapy to find out how we can help you live pain-free.


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