5 Ways to Ease Into Your Spring Exercise Routine

5 Ways to Ease Into Your Spring Exercise Routine hover background

Mar 08

The days are lengthening and slowly getting warmer; both are signs that spring is on its way. While you may be feeling anxious to jump into a new spring exercise routine, doing too much too soon can cause you injury. Here are five easy tips to ease into your new routine this season and help avoid injury.

Get a clean bill of health

Your new routine should begin with a visit to the doctor’s office for a physical. During the test, inform your doctor that you plan to resume exercise or start a normal routine. Your doctor may have some nutritional or fitness advice to assist you in your fitness goals and stay injury free. Once you get a clean bill of health, begin with a basic exercise program. Don’t expect that you will take off running miles at a time right away.

Start with the basics

Walk and stretch regularly or engage in light sports such as jogging and golf. You can start by walking just 2-3 times per week. Something is better than nothing — just get started and don’t be afraid to start small. Once you feel comfortable with your new basic routine, you can increase the time and frequency. This will prepare your body for more intense exercise later in the season.

Weekend warriors beware

The perfect weather on weekends this time of year may make you want to jump into the projects around the house that have been waiting for you all winter long. While you are tackling these, beware of the toll it can take on your body. Although you are accomplishing a lot, it is still physical work and can increase the risk of injury. Don’t be afraid to warm-up, ask for help or wait until you are more physically fit to handle the task.

Warm-up and stretch

Do not jump right into high intensity exercise. Doing this can cause you to injure yourself. Begin each session by warming up or stretching. Cold muscles are highly prone to getting injured. Activities such as jumping jacks, running or jogging in place for up to five minutes are great warm-up routines.

Traveling? Take breaks to exercise

Planning a family vacation over spring break? Find some time to exercise. Take breaks from your travel itinerary and engage in some light exercise such as jogging, jumping jacks, skipping, push ups or planks. They can ensure that you stay fit even as you travel.

As spring approaches, it is best to begin your spring exercise routine in a smart way. Use the tips above to help you do this. If you need extra support or help this springtime season to fix any old injuries before you begin your new spring exercise routine, give us a call and we can customize a plan tailored to your needs.


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