Physical Therapy To Strengthen Weak Ankles

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Aug 01

Physical Therapy To Strengthen Weak Ankles

Sometimes injuries are caused by weak ankles and sometimes weak ankles make you more prone to injuries. While a physical therapist can help you recover, heal, and strengthen your ankle after an injury, he or she can also help you to strengthen weak ankles and prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

One thing that a physical therapist can do is to help set you up on a home program. A home program will guide you through things to do at home that can help you to strengthen your weak ankles.

Your physical therapist will recommend stretches and exercises to do. These stretches and exercises will help to increase stability in your ankle by increasing strength, flexibility, and improving your balance.

As an additional way to prevent ankle injuries, your physical therapist may also recommend changing out your footwear to something that better supports your ankle. 

He or she may also recommend that you avoid repetitive stress on  your ankles as this can cause them to weaken, become unstable and make you more prone to ankle injuries. If you are required to or regularly complete tasks that cause repetitive stress to your ankles, talk to your physical therapist about ways to alleviate this. 

Lastly, if you are overweight, take into consideration how this could be impacting your ankles. Work with a professional that can help you to reduce your weight in a healthy and manageable way.

A physical therapist helps you strengthen weak ankles in a safe way. Once injured, the risk of reinjury greatly increases, so take their advice to heart, prevent injury, complete your recommended home program and other recommendations he or she may have. If you do, you will be on your way to stronger ankles and reducing your risk of an ankle injury.

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