Primary Goals of a Physical Therapist

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Jan 07

Knowing the primary goals of a physical therapist when you are going to meet with one is important to your healing. Physical therapy is the part of healthcare that uses specially designed exercises, along with a combination of movements and equipment that helps patients regain their physical fitness and abilities. 

Therapy attempts to address conditions and injuries that limit a person’s ability to move and do the basic activities of their daily lives. It can be explained as any type of movement or exercise that can help a patient treat their injury, restore body movement or prevent other injuries.

Primary Goals of a Physical Therapist

Even though physical therapy treatment is applied when dealing with various conditions and diseases, there are ultimately three primary goals of a physical therapist when helping a patient.

Goal number 1: Rehabilitation and recovery

No matter what condition led to the need, patients always want to gradually improve to a neutral state without any pain or movement restrictions. Patients with this goal are provided with a plan that is best suited for healing and progressing to a full recovery.

Goal number 2: Optimal function and movement

Patients invest in this treatment with a goal to restore a level of physical movement appropriate to their own personal interests. Anyone who enters physical therapy with pain or severe movement restrictions will initially have the same goal of restoring bodily function to normal.

Goal number 3: Prevention of injury

Although this goal can apply to general people it is more common with athletes who are wanting to push their limits and improve their longevity and have injury-free careers. These types of treatments consist of dynamic exercises and by doing the right techniques of these exercises, injuries are easily prevented.

Whether you need rehabilitation, recovery or prevention of any injuries, physical therapy is going to help you return to your daily routines or sports activities.

While these are the primary goals of a physical therapist, a physical therapist at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy will work with you to find out your personal goals. He or she will then incorporate those goals into a rehabilitation plan that will get you feeling back to normal and help you resume normal daily activities.

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