Ways To Protect Your Lower Back

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Feb 01

Looking for ways to protect your lower back and prevent pain? It’s vital to protect your lower back in order to avoid injury to the spine, as well as complications involving the hips and legs. Below, is a list of tips that will help you strengthen and protect your lower back, and avoid potentially crippling injuries.

Three Ways To Protect Your Lower Back

Buy An Ergonomic Desk Chair

Bad posture while working at a desk is one of the most common reasons behind lower back pain. It is often caused by too much pressure being put on the spine, which may result in disc deterioration. Investing in an ergonomic desk chair that supports the natural curve of your spine will alleviate any pressure that you may be putting on it. It will ensure you have the correct posture while working, and that your back and thighs are aligned correctly.

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Exercise Regularly

Making sure to regularly perform exercises such as walking, swimming, or ball workouts will help strengthen and protect your lower back muscles. Walking will increase the blood flow to your spine and will stretch your muscles in a safe, natural way. Swimming, or other similar water-based activities, will allow the strengthening of lower back muscles as the water will provide some soft friction, promoting muscle breakdown and rebuilding. Finally, ball workouts will engage your core muscles and stretch out your lower back, allowing for further exercise with a decreased risk of lower back injury.

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Lift Objects Properly

Another incredibly common way that people injure their lower back is by using the wrong technique while lifting heavier objects. Even every day activities, like carrying shopping bags or reaching for something that fell on the floor can cause sudden lower back injuries if performed with the wrong posture or too quickly. The most important things to remember when lifting or picking something up are:

  • Bend your knees rather than your back
  • Twist or turn using your feet and hips, rather than your back
  • Hold the object close to your body when straightening up, rather than out in front of you

Now that you know more about ways to protect your lower back…

…if you have found yourself with lower back pain or a lower back injury, consider enlisting the help of a physical therapist at Above & Beyond Physical Therapy. Contact us today.


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