Sleep Better With These 4 Tips

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Feb 03

Isn’t it incredible how drastically a poor night’s sleep can affect your day? Today, we’ll talk about 4 tips to help you sleep better. When we’re tired, we’re often in a bad mood, and our productivity goes down the drain. Many of us, unfortunately, can’t afford that lack of productivity.

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, more than half of Americans reported having some kind of sleep issue every night, or every other night. These issues included waking up during the night, waking up too early and not being able to go back to sleep, and waking up feeling unrefreshed. It can be frustrating to have these issues when all you want is a good night’s sleep!

If you want to sleep better, try these 4 tips:

Make a Schedule

This is often difficult for people, but going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can really improve quality of sleep. People found making a sleep schedule to be difficult, because you can’t guarantee what the day will bring. But do your best to go to bed and wake up within the same hour every day.

Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime routine can make it much easier to fall asleep. Doing the same thing every night before you go to bed will help your body know that it’s time to wind down. Whether your bedtime routine means reading a few pages of a novel, taking a shower, or listening to calming music is up to you! Also, be sure to put your phone and your computer away well before bedtime — screen time can affect sleep time.

Manage Stress

Nothing keeps us up at night quite like a lengthy to-do list. Managing your stress will help you fall asleep faster, and get more quality sleep. Do your best to not keep an overwhelming schedule. This will help you relax and sleep better at night.

Keep it Cool

Studies show that we sleep better when our environment is cooler. The ideal temperature for sleeping is somewhere between 60° and 67°. A cooler room helps us fall asleep faster and sleep isn’t interrupted as much.

If you live in a warmer area, keep your blinds closed during the day to keep light out of your bedroom and as cool as possible. Also, put a fan in your room on those really hot nights.

Quality sleep doesn’t just improve our day, it also keeps us healthy! A good night’s sleep can help us maintain a healthy weight, improve our overall mood, and lead a healthier lifestyle. Remember these tips next time you’re having trouble falling asleep, they’ll help ensure you sleep better.

Injuries can keep you up at night too. Don’t let the pain prevent you from getting the sleep you need. If you’re suffering from pain or any other kind of physical condition, contact Above & Beyond Physical Therapy today. We’ll get you on the road to recovery.


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