How and Why To Strengthen Weak Ankles

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Mar 01

Do you need to know how to strengthen weak ankles? When we go to bed at night, do we think about the wear our ankles suffer throughout the day? Most of us probably do not and we often forget to treat our ankles with the care they deserve. 

Ankles are a very important body part as they are vital to stabilizing our bodies and maintaining balance. They are crucial when performing any exercise that includes our legs and if we have any sort of ankle disorder we might have a hard time squatting, running or even walking. 

Most ankle injuries vary from sprains and fractures which usually occur when we trip or fall or just from pure overuse. With this in mind, we need to prevent these injuries from happening and strengthen weak ankles by performing these simple exercises. 

Heel Raises

For the following exercise, you need to find an object like a table which you will hold for balance and then proceed to raise your heels until you stand on your toes, then return your heels on the ground. Repeating this movement 10 times a day should suffice. 

Draw The Alphabet

A very fun exercise is the alphabet-drawing exercise in which you simply lift one of your legs and use it to write the letters of the alphabet while holding onto a sturdy chair. 

Other Ways To Strengthen Weak Ankles

Additionally, you can walk around your house on your heels once a day. Or you can also do a one-leg stand while holding onto a chair for balance. 

It is also very important to remember that uncomfortable footwear can often be the cause of ankle injuries. 

However, in the case of severe ankle pain or long-lasting swelling, you should visit your doctor or physical therapist as those symptoms can significantly impair your ability to walk.

Keeping your ankles injury-free is very important in everyday life. Use these exercise suggestions to strengthen weak ankles.

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Now that you know more about how and why to strengthen weak ankles…

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