Swimming and Weight Loss: What a Wonderful Combination

Swimming and Weight Loss: What a Wonderful Combination hover background

Aug 11

Another winter has come and gone and now the Arizona summer is here to stay – seemingly forever! With heat this intense, working out can seem like an even more daunting challenge to overcome. If we feel like can barely walk from our house to our car without melting, how in the world are we supposed to go running or workout in this weather?

But we have good news for you. There is an alternative! A MUCH cooler alternative for working out.


An effective swimming workout can blast fat, help you to get stronger, fitter and healthier than ever before. Swimming and weight loss definitely go hand-in-hand.  So if you’re looking to shed some extra pounds this summer, take advantage of this escape to the summer heat and jump in the pool!  

Swimming and Weight Loss: Exercise Tips

Go the distance.  Swim four lengths of the entire pool and then rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat this five to 10 times and try it two to three times a week.   

Freestyle.  The freestyle stroke is super easy to learn and burns lots of calories.  Plus, it pays big time to mix things up!   When you use different strokes, it balances your muscles and also helps to beat boredom.  Try the backstroke to improve your posture working your shoulder and back muscles, and breaststroke to work your hip and inner-thigh muscles.  

Tuck those knees.  Give your core a good workout while in the pool with the knee tuck exercise.  Start in a standing position and bring both of your knees up to your chest.  The water helps to slow down your movement and forces your abs to engage and help stabilize.   

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Double leg lift.  Lean back against the edge of the pool and lower your legs straight out in front of you and raise them as high as you can.  Keep them straight and together.  Do 15-30 reps without stopping.

Get froggy.  Start out in a “plie position” with your heels together, knees bent outward and bottom tucked under.  Jump up as high as you can out of the water and return to the plie as you land.  Remember that the deeper you go down into the water, the harder you will work your butt and quads to propel you out of it.  

Bicycle on a noodle.  Sit on a pool noodle like you would a bicycle and “pedal” your legs to move you across the pool.  “Ride” the distance of the pool and back 10 times to feel the burn in your legs and get your heart pumping.  

Make your pool time this summer work towards helping you reach your weight loss goals with these tips!  

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