What is Direct Access?

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May 20

What is Direct Access? Direct Access is a relatively new law which gives patients the freedom to seek treatment from physical therapists regardless of whether or not they have obtained a referral from their physician. Arizona is a Direct Access State.

Advantages of Living in a Direct Access State for Physical Therapy Patients

Prompt Access to Physical Therapy

In the past, a patient needed to obtain a referral or prescription from their physician before he/she could get access to physical therapy. This process could take several weeks and a patient had to suffer from their pain as they waited for the referral to go through. In contrast, the Direct Access law enables patients to skip the referral process altogether and access physical therapy without having to consult their physician first.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Another great benefit of living in a direct access state such as Arizona is that the Direct Access law lowers the cost of accessing healthcare. Normally, each time you access your primary physician’s services you are charged a certain amount in co-pay. However, since you do not need your physician’s referral to access physical therapy treatment, you will spend less money (in terms of co-payments) as you do not need to visit your physician just to obtain a referral. Your health insurance company may still require a referral, but as a courtesy to our patients, our staff at Above and Beyond Physical Therapy can help you verify your benefits.

Faster Access to Long-Term Healing

According to studies, the early use of physical therapy services and treatments results in fewer spinal surgery for numerous patients. In addition, patients who access early physical therapy interventions enjoy the benefit of needing less pain medication, fewer doctor visits, and fewer medical imaging tests. This is due to the fact that physical therapy services are aimed at offering patients treatment that increases their muscular functions, reduces and manages pain, and improves their overall quality of life.

All in all, living in a direct access state provides patients with numerous benefits which relate to the access of physical therapy services that will offer treatment for pain management issues within a short time span. Your healthcare is in your hands. Contact Above and Beyond Physical Therapy today.


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